View Full Version : Solved Multiple language paramters added when clicking on link

06-04-13, 16:45
This url


Will turn into es/es/es/es/es/es/es/es/ nd 500 error out...

I have a few of these that keep occurring.


Marcin Kalak
08-04-13, 09:05
What is your version of vB, vBET and vBSEO?
Is it for all languages​​?
Is the issue appeared suddenly, or you changed something?
Do you have a well-integrated vBSEO?
Please enter a different example because this gives me 404 "SORRY - Page Not Found"

09-04-13, 13:19
Version 4.4.6
ES seems to be the issue that I have seen so far
No, I have had on and off errors in webmaster tools with translated pages
I hope so, paid to have it done.
when I enter in the url above I get the 500 error with multiple /es/es/es.... just tried it now.

10-04-13, 13:37

These just time out with 500 error turning into


Marcin Kalak
10-04-13, 14:45
I can not reproduce this issue.
Please send me a PM access details to Admin CP and FTP. I will check what is going on there :)

Marcin Kalak
27-04-13, 08:41
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write here.

26-05-13, 00:22
I think it is an issue as I have a 401 redirect (if my page is not found I dod a 301 to an error page) Ill look into correcting this myself as I think it keeps adding a lang paramiter

Marcin Kalak
27-05-13, 19:53
Please paste a link with a sample the occurrence of the issue.
Do you have the latest version of vBET?

Marcin Kalak
05-06-13, 16:03
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write here.

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