View Full Version : OMG see this response

24-01-10, 06:49
yesterday i got contact us email from some finnish guy read this reponse which shocked me :( :-

Jesus christ guys, do not provide translations for other languages, they're mostly horrible bullshit. For example this: http://www.pdaapps.org/fi/pc-softwares/20113-winrar-3-80-a.html
Makes no fucking sense. Not a single understandable sentence here. Ask any Finn. And they're popping into my Google search results. I don't want to see anything like this ever again.

Thanks and peace.

24-01-10, 19:39
As you can see on this forum Google translations are mainly very good :) So good that people writing in different languages can understood each other and make discussion :)

Of course it is still automatic translation, but Google makes it better and better all the time :)

You got one email from some guy - first of all it is a proof that vBET made your forum visible in other languages****** :D And that new people are coming to your forum****** People which wouldn't ever be there if not vBET.

One guy is angry, some will just go in other place, some will click advertises, some will stay - this happens all the time even in your original language. But now it happens more, because it happens also for translated content. So more people are coming to your forum, maybe some will be angry, but still more people will click your advertises and there will be more chance that more people will stay on your forum.

So take easy such messages - it could be angry guy from your competition who just doesn't like that your forum is higher than his one in his native language ;)

The fact is - the guy found you in the Internet by translated content. And there is much more people who does. For me it is really great! :D:D:D

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