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29-03-13, 06:53
Before buying the vBET I want to be sure that there ain't any issues with the hosting company. On my ticket request, one of the leading vBulletin hosting provider answered: "vBET isn't really really suitable for a shared application...For a couple of reasons." I don't quite understand what it means. Could you recommend any reliable vBulletin hosting provider that do not have problems with the vBET?

31-03-13, 19:37
Hello. We do not make advertisement for any hosting provider. There is lot of providers on market who will be suitable. Also the question is not about vBET, but about vBulletin, so it would be better to ask vBulletin team. If you want we can PM you company who is our provider. Still we do not think that our one is the best one and have best offer. It also don't means that our provider is bad. Simply we focus on developing our product not on comparing hosting companies.

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