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19-02-13, 14:56
As it is the flag links do not link to the actual translated thread URL. This is creating a lot of extra redirects and really isn't good for overall SEO. Please keep alternate tags (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-feature-requests/3325-addition-rel%3D-alternate-tags.html) in mind as well.

I'm not sure exactly how this could be done on the fly, but I would hope the thread URLs could be cached in some way as to not increase the amount of queries per page.

22-02-13, 15:21
Hello. We are aware about this. Unfortunately adding this feature would have big impact on performance. Not only because additional queries of translated links, but mostly because of translation requests. If links are not translated yet then each link would cause separate translation request to translation provider. It is because API allows for multiple translations in one request only for same language pairs.

Other solution would be - when it is already translated, then take it translated and if not then leave it as it is now. This way the 2nd issue would go away.
And about additional queries - if you have turned on Guest Cache then it will not have any impact for guests requests (cached in static file). Also vBET supports other "in memory" cache engines.
So if we would go for it then as it is described here, without any optimization in case of queries (because such are covered already by additional cache support).

Please tell us what do you think about such solution.

25-02-13, 17:03
So if the URL's are already translated they could be stored in the guest cache, correct?

26-02-13, 20:49
Yes. Still guest cache works per page. So new page will take all URLs from database again before it will be stored in Guest Cache. And again each Guest Cache refresh. But really this is small cost. Since by default guest cache works for 24 hours. So it is once per day. Also we can make it that for logged users it will be with redirection (logged users really do not switch languages back and forward), and for guests without - so Google will see it best possible way.
This will be 2 in 1:
- for logger users no additional cost during page generation.
- for guests low cost for generation and even 0 when you have page in Guest Cache (and Google and other robots will see appropriate links without additional performance impact during redirection)

So I think that making it this way we actually can increase performance by doing additional thing but only when Guest cache is turned on, because we will avoid redirection. This solution will not even add additional parameter - it will be simply attached to Guest Cache.

I'm sure about this idea. Just to be clear - do you have some additional feedback about it? :)

02-03-13, 21:49
That sounds good to me.

Marcin Kalak
04-03-13, 10:48
Thanks for the confirmation. We will work on this feature.

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