View Full Version : Already done Don't translate anything new threads but keep links to anything that is translated

19-02-13, 14:19
Lets say I have x number of threads translated, but I don't want to translate anything at all anymore. There is no way to turn off translations without removing all of the links to those pages.

In this case I would like to retain the flag links where translations exist, but turn off the flag links so nothing new is translated.

This is a case where an internal switch to say 'if this thread is fully translated in this language, display flag link'

If anyone posts in a different language, that should still be translated into the default language.

I realize this is in contrast to the other feature request I created (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-feature-requests/3326-only-translate-new-threads.html), but I guess the best option would be to be able to set a date range of when threads are translated.

22-02-13, 15:42
Date range is possible to do. We are not able to recognize does thread is already translated or not - even if we would set some flag and update it with each change, this wouldn't be possible, because one thread can be in several pages, and configuration about how many posts on one page is can be changed any time. Shortly - we cannot tell which page is translated in 100% until we will try to translate it.

Still we can use filters and translate only threads in some time period. So too old will not be translated. Newest also. Only those which are in defined time period. If some threads from this time period are not fully translated they will. But in such case we should look on thread creation time not on last response time. So responses to such threads will be translated when appears.
BBCodes are evaluated in separate way so writing in other language will still allow to translate to default language. We will have to check it for issues but it seems to be doable.

What do you think about such solution?

25-02-13, 15:57
that would work too!

26-02-13, 20:25
OK - so we will implement it this way and include in next release.

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