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28-12-12, 23:16
I would like to suggest a feature to only add translation links to threads newer than a specified time period. If threads are older than the specified period, but have been translated in a given language, provide the translation link.

As it is, Google and other bots visit every page of the site, unnecessarily translating everything going back 10 years (in my case). This is proving to be very costly.

29-12-12, 13:56
Excellent suggestion ******

29-12-12, 15:14
At this moment you can do something like this. Not by date but by place. It you have all very old threads in some special place then you can add in vBET configuration the place to ignored - then it will not be translated.

There should be no problem with adding age filter and do not translate very old threads. We will not check are those already translated or not - this would be too costly for performance (we can think after about adding it later as another option).

Request accepted :)

29-12-12, 15:43
I suppose there are forums that I have that contain old archive only threads. The only problem is I don't want to turn off translations completely if they already have translations done (then I would just be wasting money). This wouldn't be a problem if i was doing a new installation of vBET.

Thanks for your consideration.

30-12-12, 21:03
We will think about this. Still - please consider that for your users it would be better if it will be disabled completely or translated completely, otherwise it will be confusing - why those are and those not...

31-12-12, 21:41
In my case most users aren't going back past 5 years and reading threads - only search engines are

04-01-13, 14:55
Still this search engines will bring you new traffic from real users searches. Anyway - as I already wrote we will work on it :)

Marcin Kalak
14-01-13, 22:03
Do not translate thread after a specified time after the date of the creation a thread or the date of the last post in the thread?

15-01-13, 21:06
Date of last post will probably work better. If a post is still relevant and being replied to then it should probably be translated.

Marcin Kalak
18-01-13, 13:34
Thank you for your suggestion. We will work on this feature.

17-02-13, 15:44
Also, lets say I have a x number of threads translated, but I don't want to translate anything at all anymore. There is no way to turn off translations without removing all of the links to those pages.

In this case I would like to retain the flag links where translations exist, but turn off the flag links so nothing new is translated.

This is a case where an internal switch to say 'if this thread is fully translated in this language, display flag link'

Marcin Kalak
18-02-13, 22:35
Please create a new topic with feature request.
Please keep one issue per one thread.
New function "Only translate new threads" is already done and included in booth - vBET 3.x and vBET 4.x versions.

02-03-13, 15:47
I installed the latest version, and unfortunately this doesn't work as I thought it would.

The issue is, that if used, older threads then the days specified that have been translated are no longer linked to. Furthermore, the link is still there, but gets redirected to the original. I realize there's a challenge in determining if a thread has been translated or not, but I think it is necessary as to not waste money on previous translations that have been completed.

02-03-13, 20:43
Also, if a thread that was previously translated falls below the "Don't translate old threads" threshold then there will be a lot of reindexing going on. If anything this shouldn't be a number of days, but a fixed date so translations will not continually become obsolete.

Marcin Kalak
04-03-13, 11:32
If the topic is redirected then you do not lose money on the translation, because it is not sent for translation.
Translation thread from a certain date will be in http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-feature-requests/3354-dont-translate-anything-new-threads-but-keep-links-anything-translated.html.

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