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19-01-10, 23:10
My name is Adam Feldman, and I'm a product manager at Google. I see that you signed up for a key for the Google AJAX APIs some time ago and that you have a website or application making use of that key in server-side (RESTful) requests.

In order to help prevent legitimate queries that originate from a single IP address from being classified as automated queries, we are now offering a new URL parameter that may be used to identify the end-user that requested the query. You'll recall that our Terms of Use requires that every API request be made on the behalf of an end-user action, and this new parameter, 'userip', should be included with all server-side requests to help ensure that your usage of the API is not mistakenly identified as abuse.

Is this added in vbet?


19-01-10, 23:47
I just got the same e-mail. Since passing the IP is a new feature of the API, I doubt it's included with vBET yet.

20-01-10, 06:09
i too got this email , what should i do ?

21-01-10, 12:58
It is not included - we are not able to predict future and add something what wasn't exist in the time of production ;)

What you should do - simply wait for new release, we will support it there :) There is no hurry - it is not required.

25-03-14, 09:38
It is really a good sign to getting Google mail related to publishing your account.

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