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19-01-10, 08:43
install but can not use the drug. No translation is. File. htaccess how to reset url

19-01-10, 20:08
What exactly happens? White screen or all test disappear?

In 1st case make sure that you have installed CURL and ICONV in your PHP.
In 2nd case set your forum language.

20-01-10, 14:33
White Screen and all text disappear. I don't know Curl and ICONV. You can help me,please

21-01-10, 16:25
Please just Google: PHP iconv and php curl. There are all needed informations :)

ICONV is required to change encodings and CURL is required to get translations from Google. Usually booth are installed and enabled by default in php, but not always. You must have those installed and enabled.
This is solution for white screen issue.

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