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12-09-12, 15:45
I'm not 100% sure my expensive paid Google translations are not being removed from the database cache. I obviously do not want phrases that have been translated to ever be removed at this point since they are quite costly.

However, it seems that the translations are never 'finished' despite only having 6 languages enabled. Every day Google translates 500,000 characters (the quota that I set) as to not spend more than $10 (USD) a day.

Is there a setting that I am missing somewhere that is causing translations to be translated multiple times? Can any improvements be made to the system as to reduce the number of translations that are required to properly translate? For example, if a phrase is being translated in one post, and that same phrase exists in another post, is that same phrase being sent to Google twice?

15-09-12, 09:52
It is up to your configuration does the cache is cleared or not. You can simply disable clearing cache functionality by setting Admin CP -> vBET Cache -> Database Cache Time To Live (TTL) to 0. Or in same place Cache clearing strategy to Disabled. Also please make sure that your database is on (Use database cache). Please note that by default database cache is on and clearing is off.

If your cache would be cleaned you would be able too see logs about it in Admin CP -> Scheduled Tasks -> Scheduled Task Log.

Please note that all content which is not translated yet have to fill up the cache. You can spend less for a day, it is not problem, just cache will fill up slower.

Also I suggest to configure Apertium translations - which are free. Not all language pairs are supported but for those which are Apertium will be chosen before Google to do the translation. Apertium server is not always reachable, but vBET can handle that - we simply always try first cheapest option and if it is not available then switch to next one.

And that is why I also suggest to configure Microsoft translation - there are also free translations with 2 millions characters per month limit. It is not much but it will also make your costs slower - other wise you will paid Google for those 2 millions characters :) And here also Microsoft will be chosen first if available. So Apertium, then Microsoft, then Google - this is default order for translations if all providers are configured. You can change this order if you want in configuration files, but it is not recommended.

If you have any more questions please just ask.

03-10-12, 21:23
Thanks - I just downloaded the latest version and got the new Microsoft things working. Unfortunately I can use 2 million characters in about (edit) 30 min. Yikes!

03-10-12, 21:39
Also, I've been translating around 500k characters a day through Google for almost a year now. It's cost a LOT of money unfortunately.

04-10-12, 05:01
Also, I've been translating around 500k characters a day through Google for almost a year now. It's cost a LOT of money unfortunately.

wow, are you seriously?
365 days x $10 (500k characters perday) = $3,650

you should have very big forum that earned more than $3,650/year, and very many post to translated
or medium forum and the vbet cache are not setting right, check my thread too http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/3139-how-make-database-cache-never-deleted-cleaned-so-no-need-translated-again.html , always make backup and do with own risk, cheers

Marcin Kalak
04-10-12, 19:19
Also, I've been translating around 500k characters a day through Google for almost a year now. It's cost a LOT of money unfortunately.
Costs are dependent on Google and Microsoft, but you can reduce the amount of text sent for translation.
To reduce their expenses paid translations please see here (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/413-faq-2.html#post10411).
The latest version vBET have a new option that reduces the cost of translation: Don't translate number. You'll find this option in AdminCP -> vBET -> Translation Options.
Also make sure you have good set cache clean.

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