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Marcin Kalak
31-08-12, 10:45
How to make some text not translated?
This article describes how to limit automatic translation. For automatic translation description please see here: How does it works - manual about multi language support (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-general-discussions/409-how-does-works-manual-about-multi-language-support.html).

If you want to avoid translation of part of the text, use the following options:

Ignore URLs
If you want to easily disable translation for groups of addresses use the Admin CP -> vBET -> Translations Options -> Ignore URLs. Configured sites will only appear in the default forum language.

Notranslate BBCode
If you want some text was not translated in user message (thread, post, blog, PM...), then enter it in notranslate BBCode:
It can be useful in case of some terms, or citation of some poems etc.
For example this text will never be translated. You can check it by clicking some translation flag - you will see this part will stay in original. :)

Not translating message title
If you want the title of your message was not translated, then use the tag:
This is not for use in message body it works only in message title.

Ignore words/sentences
If you want some words/sentences were not translated in all places where those are used, then enter them in Admin CP -> vBET -> Translations Options -> Ignore words/sentences. For each NEW user message (thread, post, blog...), these words/sentences will be automatically wrapped in notranslate bbcode and will not be translated. Please note that this will work for newly created messages - for already existing messages please see description below.

Opaque Ignored Words
To wrap ignored words/sentences in already existing user messages (thread, post, blog...) you need to use the Admin CP -> vBET Tools -> Opaque Ignored Words. It will automatically wrap all words/sentences configured in Admin CP -> vBET -> Translations Options -> Ignore words/sentences into notranslate BBCode in all existing messages.

Notranslate area
If you want some text on the page was not translated(in layout - not in user message), then use notranslate area. To use a notranslate area, enter into appropriate template tags:
To edit chosen template use Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Search in Templates.
This is not for use in user messages, it works only in templates.

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