View Full Version : Solved What would cause the posting flags *not* to display?

20-06-12, 22:42
I'm running vBulletin V4.2PL2 and VBET 4.4.6.

I *think* I've worked around my proxy problem, performance is slow, but it will eventually translate the page if you click on one of the flags at the top.

I *don't* see the normal language flags on the postings however. I suspect a setting, but after going over my settings multiple times, I can't find what I mis-set to turn these OFF.


23-06-12, 21:36
Hi. Please note that performance is better when cache is filled up. At this moment your server has to wait for new translations until they come from translation provider - when those are cached it is much faster :)

About the issue - what do you mean by normal flags? All flags settings you will find in Admin CP -> BET -> Flags. There is option for dropdown menu and for flags in a row (maybe those are normal) - so location for those in a row is set by parameter Flags Place.

Please tell did it help :)

07-07-12, 14:45
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write in this thread :)

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vBET 4.9.99 gives automatic translations