View Full Version : Solved Pages not translating except for main landing page on forum

18-06-12, 19:59
Hi, for some reason the interior pages of my forum will not translate when I hit a flag button. For some reason it only translates if I hit a flag on the main forum page.

I have PHP5.2 as well. If I translate on the main page, it will then translate subsequent pages, but users can not translate within pages if they hit any of the flags.

Thanks for you help.

Here is what the main page URL looks like:

Interior forum pages look like this:

18-06-12, 21:07


It shouldn't look like this. Could You please make sure You have installed and configured vBET properly.

19-06-12, 19:48
I have tried altering as many settings as I could to get this to work, can I pay the $30 to have someone take a look and alter anything necessary?

19-06-12, 21:18
Of Course You can buy this service HERE (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/purchase.php?do=integration) and we will take care of all Your issues.

When You get payment confirmation, please pm me full access details to ftp admincp and vbseo.

21-06-12, 01:23
purchased and info sent - thanks! We are not currently using vbseo

23-06-12, 00:12
Hi, the flags are still not working - but the dropdown works great. If you visit the forum and keep the default language, then click on "Studs" or any sub-forum, then click one of the flags, the language doesn't change.

23-06-12, 11:31

I'm taking over your case. Sorry for the issue. As I see the pages are translated. Please tell me do you need more help with translation issue? If not but other issue exists - please keep one thread per one issue. In this thread in title I see that pages are not translated, but I see those are. So does the issue still exists or not? :)

07-07-12, 14:50
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write in this thread :)

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