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16-01-10, 05:47
Running vBET 2.4.1, if the source text has a single apostrophe (') the translation stops and then resumes translating beginning with the next paragraph.

So, for example, the source sentence might be:

The brown cow's bell rang.

but translated text (in the translated language) just shows:

The brown cow

and the the translation stops (leaves white space) until the next paragraph.

16-01-10, 19:17
Thanks for note - we will check and correct it :)

23-01-10, 03:53
Checked and nothing like this happens on our side. Please send us exact URL to thread where we can see it and also show which sentence there will be broken after translation.

23-01-10, 17:51
I will PM you with the information requested. Thanks

31-01-10, 23:18
I found reason and this is not vBET fault. It is PHP error on your server (on our it doesn't happens and no one other claims about it). On your server function iconv has error - this is the reason of cutting text. vBET makes everything appropriately and text is full until it is re-encoded by iconv function - this function (which is PHP native) on your server returns cut text.

To resolve this you have to look solutions in PHP. Maybe some configuration. Maye update to other PHP version.

03-02-10, 03:40
Yes, you are right. This is what we did and it fixed our issue. We are running PHP 5.2.6. A completely clean install (installed by our ISP). After reading your analysis we began to troubleshoot our server. The first step we took was to install the developer tools and, without doing anything else, immediately the translations began to work! So, thank you for helping us isolate this problem!

06-02-10, 13:09

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