View Full Version : All ads disapear, need help :)

Matt Olieman
13-01-10, 23:16
I installed the latest version 2.4.1 at my test site. I had a little trouble placing the flags and finally they appeared bellow or at the bottom of the below navbar ad.

Translation selection and workings was fantastic, then all of a sudden the ad and flags disappeared.

I disabled the product, nothing happened, still a missing ad. Then I uninstaled the product, still nothing happened, no ad. I removed all files related the the product. Now I have my ad back.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Matt Olieman

13-01-10, 23:55
Very strange, but if you had still issue with ads after vBET was disabled this means that it was not vBET fault (mod does nothing when it is disabled - vBulletin cares about it). Especially that it was working at the beginning and just stopped in some time (as I understood).

Can you reproduce it? Please install vBET again and tell does it happen again?

It could be some temporary issue with AdSense.

Matt Olieman
14-01-10, 00:04
That's what I thought too. Didn't make any sense, that's why I asked. I'll do a reinstall tomorrow morning (my time). I'll let you know what happens.

Matt Olieman

14-01-10, 00:10
Great :) It it will happen again just after vBET reinstall then we will look closer to that :)

Matt Olieman
14-01-10, 15:31
Good news, the install went well and flawless. So far after about an hour of testing, no loss of ad :)

I hate this part.... BUT,

1. I noticed it is quite slow, not fast like on this site. I supposed that is the upgrade feature :)

2. I did find some anomolies in the forum catagories, I tested with IE8 and Chrome. Both have different anomolies.

3. Is the NavBar button only available in vBET 3.3.?

Please feel free to look at the test site MyCockpit.org - Home (http://www.mycockpit.org/fltsimtest/)

If you want to dig deeper, let me know by email, also would be glad to beta test vBET 3.3. on my test site.

14-01-10, 16:17
1. Free version is slower. vBET 3.x is paid and it is more optimized.
2. Please open new thread for this and describe it more
3. If you mean dropdown menu with flags - then yes.

Please note that vBET 3.3.0 will not be ready for vB4. Paid version of vBET will be ready for vB4 in March.

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