View Full Version : Free with limited functionality or Trial Version?

11-05-12, 21:20
Before I purchase, I need to make sure this will work behind my companies Firewall. We block many translation tools because users can use these tools to get to websites that are normally blocked.

Is there a version that has limited functionality, or had a trial period that I can test in my QA environment? If it works, I'll push it to my production environment.

Another question, do I need a license for my QA environment if I am running it in production as well?



13-05-12, 12:18
We had free version when translation in Google and Microsoft was free. After they made it paid we stopped supporting free version since paid services needs optimization which we have in paid version.

Please note that vBET requires your server to have access to external translation providers (Microsoft and/or Google and/or Apertium). All translations are made by HTTP so your security configuration must simply allow for outgoing HTTP requests :)

vBET license is per installation. If you need to install it on different forums then you need different licenses. One per each forum you are running. If you have testing environment which is not accessible for outsiders then after informing us you can install vBET on your testing environment. Of course you need to have license first.

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