View Full Version : Solved Purchased, but no license key and no help from vBET - very unhappy

24-04-12, 15:46
Hi, I recently purchased vBET for a client's forum, but received no license key in any emails. I contacted support (contact[at]vbenterprisetranslator[dot]com) and have received NO help on this. I contacted them 3 times, and nobody has replied. There is also no phone # on this site.

Is this product a bunk product or something? How come I can't reach support, there is no phone number, and noone is contacting me back? How come I wasn't given a License Key? This product is useless on my forum without it.

If noone wants to contact me about this, who should I complain to? The Better Business Bureau? I've never ran into these problems before so I'm lost. Very unhappy though.

24-04-12, 22:39
Please note that all vBET support is made in our Forum. We are deeply sorry that you are not satisfied with our support. We do all the support in our vBET becouse mails can be accidentaly tagged as spam. It is your first troubleshooting post, so for now on we do our best to solve your issue.

As I can see we have your license key. You should be able to find your license key in mail which should receive after purchasing our product.
Right now I will check why you don't receive it

24-04-12, 23:08
Could you please check out this http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/downloads.php in the first column named
License Key / URL - previously named License # / URL - we did change name to make finding license key easier, after your post which is first with this kind of issue:)

We are sorry you've faced this inconvenience.

Please let us know if you are able to find it:)

17-05-12, 16:07
Hi, thank you for the replies. I had given up for a short time because nobody was replying to any of my emails, and this was why I was upset. I was told to contact via email for any help, and had sent several messages prior to posting on the forum.

What is the usual delay time for message to get posted to the forum? I checked back for a couple days after sending this post and it wasn't being posted to the forum, so I was ready to give up and file a grievance on the product, but thank you for getting back to me! I will only post questions on the forum now.

24-05-12, 23:52
Hi, its often a next day but we are only humans and can miss something :( very sorry for that.

18-06-12, 19:55
Hi - the website here has been down off and on or very slow for several weeks, so it's been hard to respond.

The issue is resolved, and everything is setup - but I have a new issues which I will make a post about now. Thanks!

18-06-12, 21:17
We're working on Your issue in Your other thread.
About server crash, please read this thread: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-announcements/3110-vbet-server-updates.html

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