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12-01-10, 01:39
Hi. When I admincp/setup/turn your vBulletin on or off and change it to 'off' and then exit admincp and logout and then re-enter the URL for the home page, I receive:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function vbet_getSupportedTranslations() in .../html/forums/includes/class_bootstrap.php(283) : eval()'d code on line 9

I can log back into admincp and change the VBulletin on/off back to 'on', and then logout and re-enter the URL for the home page and... the home page once again displays correctly. So the problem appears to be involved with turning vBulletin off.

I am running vBulletin 4.0.0 Patch Level 1 (Gold) and vBET 2.4.1 (activated)with no vbseo (yet).

Do you need additional details or do you know what may be wrong? Thanks!

12-01-10, 02:38
We will investigate this and try to reproduce. We will contact with you about this issue later.

Also this issue is about free version, so I move this post to free version sub-forum :)

Please note that we have scheduled release of paid version vBET 3.3.0, so free version has lower priority. It is possible that we will handle this issue in next week. Hope that it is OK for you - for this time you can disable free version if it harms your forum.

12-01-10, 03:35
MichaƂ - Thanks. I completely support your focus on releasing vBET 3.3.0! The error I am reporting for 2.4.1 is not critical to me but might help in troubleshooting code for 3.3.0. I look forward to being a paying customer as soon as it is 3.3.0 is released!

14-01-10, 00:13
Please note that vBET 3.3.0 will not support vB4 yet! vBulletin 4.0 will be supported in vBET 4.x series. We scheduled vBET 4.0.0 release for March :)

23-01-10, 03:46
Corrected - will be included in 2.4.2

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