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09-04-12, 11:14
i just reinstalled vBet and have one question... i dont lake any of the items in /s/ and /fr/ in vbet guest cache... in de there are over 1gb. When does vBet cache?

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10-04-12, 22:47
Vbet guest cache is used when guest visited sites in order no to create additional translation. Probably no unregister user visited your site translated into in/en/fr...
You can easly turn cache off

11-04-12, 21:28
Ah, okay it doesnt get created when is visit as a registered user? ...

Edit: It's still not working. I chmoed the dir with 777 (all dirs after vbet_guestcache). But it doesnt create any .html files in /en/ or /fr/

I enabled in guest cache "Use Full File Cache For Guests" -> yes "Guests Cache Time To Live" -> 21600

Guests Cache details & Guests Cache details - next part
german, english and french

Any option i forgott?

12-04-12, 17:21
You didnt miss anything but, did you try to use other browser - if you used browser on which you were previously logged to vb, it is possible that cookies are stored.
I can check it on place if you PM ftp and admincp access details

14-04-12, 11:22
I dont think that no crawler since over 5 days trys to crawl the new urls.

Thanks, now working, after: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/general-discussions/2929-microsoft-translation-api-s.html#post12138

14-04-12, 16:42
As it works fine, I will mark this thread as solved if you still has any questions please fell free to ask

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