View Full Version : Solved branding free?

09-04-12, 10:55
Hi, i bought branding free, but vbet isnt.

Please send me new instructions how to remove, the old ones doenst work...

10-04-12, 22:44
Could you please describe your issue little more specyfic, I can not fully understand you

11-04-12, 21:31
???? Why you dont understand? As i said i bought a branding free copy of vBet, but it isnt! It shows "Thanks to vBET 3.5.4 you can enjoy automatic translations" -> WoW Forum | WoW FairPlay Bot Forum (http://wow.glider-forum.de/) I want to remove it!

12-04-12, 17:11
You've said

Please send me new instructions how to remove, the old ones doenst work...

Currently vBET has different versions for brandingfree, so could you please tell me if you are sure you've downloaded correct one?

13-04-12, 22:30
I dont understand you.

Please look into my account.

I bought vbet with BRANDING free.

I downloaded and installed "vBET354BF.zip" but our forum is NOT branding free, HOW DO I REMOVE THE COPYRIGHT Notice?

14-04-12, 11:04
Hi. Please be polite - there is really no reason to scream. I know that Radek didn't understood you in first time, but when you read your very first post you can find out that it wasn't too clear what do you want to remove - vBET, branding?... I understood, but still it wasn't perfectly clear and Radek simply asked you what exactly do you mean.

After that he informed you in polite way, that there is other package for branding free and you can simply just download and install it again. He had no information before from you that you already did it.

So please - without screaming :) Yes - we see that you have branding free :) Our staff has this information attached to each your post. I'm just going to check on our FTP does the BF package is OK, or there is some bug in it. I will give you solution in few minutes after checking it :)

14-04-12, 11:17
Hi :)
Indeed there was a bug in BF release - please download it again and upload new files to your server.

Sorry for your trouble. Please confirm does the issue is solved.

14-04-12, 11:28
Dont get me wrong, i was not screaming, i just want to make clear what i want... its working now, needed only 5 days :-/

Thanks anyway!

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