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09-04-12, 09:41
I find when I have no translation providers available I just get a blank post from a member using it. This is when I have the "Show original text for user" set to do not show :confused:

10-04-12, 22:41
I will check it on. Also please tell me if "Show original text for user" set to on will the blank posts appears?
Also please note that it can be coused but wrong provider secret/id/api key

11-04-12, 05:37
Well if I have the Show original text for user set to on then yes it will show the original text. The thing is then you will have a post in a thread that is not in English and it gets ignored. The API keys seem to work when the translation providers are available.

11-04-12, 07:11
Ok don't worry about it any more with the ongoing problems I am having with this modification I have now deleted it, what a wast of money this one turned out to be :(

11-04-12, 15:22
As you got in reply in this very thread - our staff is checking the issue.

11-04-12, 15:47
I cannot reproduce this issue on my test forum. Could you please show me url with example of where there is "blank" post, and if access you've send me is still workig I would check it on place

11-04-12, 18:54
Sorry I cannot as I have removed this mod from my site now as it was giving us too many issues.

1. Blank post when translation provider was not available (Setting to not show original text)
2. Post in other languages besides default when translation provider was not available (Settings show original text) This caused confusion as the English members could not understand post and would ignore them.
3. Forum slowing right down when translation provider was not available, forum members complained that it was not acceptable at these slow speeds.

12-04-12, 17:14
As I said I cannot reproduce this issue so if you do not has vBET installed and therefore you cannot show me this error in "action" it is impossible for me to check what went wrong.
Please allow me to check it in your ftp.

19-06-12, 21:23
No answer so I need to close this thread. If You have more questions concerning this thread I will open it other way please write new one.

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