View Full Version : Solved urls with ?vbetxx appended to them in google index

06-04-12, 15:57
Sorry as I have a few questions I need resolved so Ill make a couple of seperate requests. In this one I am finding indexed pages with the ?vbet_outside=true appended to the urls, and I have no links that actually append that.

I even have it on my forum url where its actually not outside anymore.

I was going to make a re-direct to go from /?vbetXX to / but want to make sure there is not a better way.


06-04-12, 20:35
Coud you please show me exact indexed url with /?vbetXX and also 'XX' is lang code?

06-04-12, 22:08
xx was just ment to mean more past that.. there is no xx lang!


in google the first page is indexed with the ?vbet

10-04-12, 00:43
Can you see the forum page, phpBB2/ has ?b\vbet_outside=true in the index?

10-04-12, 22:54
I know ther is no xx language just want you to know what to show me, and what I needed was to see how this page is exactly indexed :)
Could you please show me it - I know you've told me how it's create but i need to look if I accidentaly havent done some typo

19-06-12, 21:40
No answer so I need to close this thread, if You have more questions with this issue I will reopen it.

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