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16-10-09, 06:21
Hello everyone, the truth is that attracts me this mod to see if the paid version comes with support, and since I'm here, because in the current version of google sitemap always gives me errors and warnings? creates a file with more than 1,000,000 urls instead of divided by 20,000 URL like the others, greeting friends.

16-10-09, 23:53
It should honor dividing parameter. It does on our side. Please make sure that you set additional code on right place. Google can fail also because sitemap weights too much - so set lower value for max URLs in sitemap.

17-10-09, 07:04
The parameters I have reviewed and are correct, it must be google problem, but I see that Google have normal problems, because the file it creates is very large, if not make myself clear, I put a sample image:

17-10-09, 11:49
As I see in image the next day it was OK. So are you sure that problem still exist? This can be historical message.

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