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26-03-12, 05:12
I have just installed this product and see that Google is a paid service. I also see this is what they quote as being the cost.

Usage fees:

$20 per 1 M characters of text, where the charges are adjusted in proportion to the number of characters actually provided.
Language Detection:
$20 per 1 M characters of text, where the charges are adjusted in proportion to the number of characters actually provided.

The thing is I have no idea what this may run into per month so if anyone could give me an idea as to what they are paying per month it would be appreciated. I know that this would also be dependant on the traffic to your site and would vary from site to site but I really need some type of a benchmark for this :confused: If possible maybe you would also indicate what type of traffic your site has or just post a link to your site and I will try and compare it to my forum

11-04-12, 05:39
I am still trying to find some answer on this one :confused:

11-04-12, 10:43
Not to worry about this as I have removed this mod from my site

11-04-12, 15:45
It seems that our users don't want to share about their translation costs. As you wrote in first post Google clearly describes the costs. Also Microsoft gives you free translation (with monthly limits but free) and we are just about to release new version which will allow for manual translations :)

11-04-12, 18:56
Yes they do but it does not give us any idea what this may come to at the end of a month

12-04-12, 17:24
If you set your limits, translation API will not do any over-quoted translations. It works as it is now in free Microsoft translation API if you use alle 2M characters API just stops translating

18-04-12, 17:13
Hi, my forum has about 175,000 posts and 25,000 threads, I translate in English and French. The first day spent about 1.5 million, nearly $20. If there is interest I can continue that here yes later.

18-04-12, 21:04
Please not that vBET is caching data, so after few days your amount of translation request schould fall. Also free Microsoft by azure allow you to translate 2m characters for free:)

20-04-12, 02:48
I know. I'm complaining but not at all.

28-04-12, 14:52
Translate API: Translation
Character Count
Daily quota: 2M
28-day total: 21.03M
Translate API Characters 19.82 M 396.30 USD

05-05-12, 15:36
We have no influence on Google prices. Please note that you can also use Microsoft - free 2M characters/month. And Apertium - totally free. Also in next release vBET will support manual translation :)

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