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20-03-12, 18:30
I am thinking about this mod but just would like to know the following

1. Is it a mission to install I have had some experience in installing mods but I really do not like having to manual edit code.
2. You mentioned that the free translation services have limits how does this work?
3. What cost would we be looking at with the paid translation services?
4. Would it work on my skins from PurevB.com

I think that it all for now ;)

21-03-12, 19:32
1) We have full instalation service descibed in our forum, if this is not all I will gladly help you, also you can have it done by buying "Integration/instlation service":)
2) Generaly after some amount of characters, translation provider is not making translation no longer that day, but from next day it will be enabled again:)
3) You can set your own limits so costs depend only on you:) - also from our next release you can do translations manually for free!
4) vBET will work on every skin in vBulletin forum

Please feel free to ask further questions, I will be happy to help you

22-03-12, 04:09
Well I purchased the product already and installed it but I think I will need to purchase the Integration/instlation service but cannot see where I need to do this now

22-03-12, 04:11
PS I did send a mail but no reply so far and can you please take off this moderating story on my post

22-03-12, 18:16
Here is url for you: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/purchase.php?do=installations
Also I did allow you to post without acceptation

22-03-12, 18:20
Ok thanks we will be purchasing this service shortly ;)

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