View Full Version : Server crash

25-02-12, 00:08
We are deeply sorry that vBET has been down for last day.
It was caused by our server provider internal error, we hope that will not happend again.
However, our server can be temporary off because of scheduled VPS server maintenance activities after crash

25-02-12, 05:35
We got some additional info from our VPS provider.

They had bugs in bandwidth counting which caused problems. We got confirmation that it is corrected and should be applied shortly, we can expect server restart any time soon. Should be for short time.

Also our VPS provider confirmed that they can have problems with their storage system (average read speed is lot below normal - 2.12 MB/sec). So again whole VPS system can be rebooted any time soon.

Also we still see one error related to VPS system (disc space not adjusted to actual size of our VPS) - we suppose to have 50GB and have only 40GB. As now VPS system just ignore command to rebuild and we still are waiting for VPS stuff to solve the issue, but when it will start to rebuild it will cause forum for some time - that is what VPS system says:

It seems the actual RAM or disk space changes you have made recently to this virtual machine has not been applied. Please click here to apply these changes now. Please note that this might cause downtime to your VPS while the system adjusts resources.

So we are really sorry, but definitively we will experience some (let's hope) little issues soon. Unfortunately this is out of our control - our system is embedded in VPS system which caused the problems and we have to count on our provider to fix it.

Let's hope this will allow us to work better :)

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