View Full Version : Rejected Unlinked credit text like vbseo

05-01-10, 09:52
Vbseo offers unlinked credits to all of their customers, I would love to see this for vbet. Many people like retaining link juice not giving it to other sites and devaluing their own, leaving a text credit still allows people to find vbet if they wished to purchase. Please make this as an option the same as vbseo has.

05-01-10, 17:30
It already is same as in vBSEO - you can buy branding free license and then link will be removed.

05-01-10, 17:56
vbseo offer this for those without branding free.

vbseo copyright linked and vbseo copyright unlinked.

Branding free is complete removal of the text and the link.

06-01-10, 17:51
Changing or Un-linking Your vBSEO Copyright Notice - vBulletin SEO Forums (http://www.vbseo.com/f2/changing-un-linking-your-vbseo-copyright-notice-17565/) see here :)

07-01-10, 15:19
First post there:

// ****** COPYRIGHT NOTICE ******
// As per the License Agreement (www.crawlability.com/vbseo/license/), you may NOT remove (or modify) the
// copyright notice. Select one of the copyright notices to be displayed in ALL pages enhanced by vBSEO:

07-01-10, 17:48
yeah but
Select one of the copyright notices to be displayed in ALL pages enhanced by vBSEO: allows either unlinked or linked without a branding free :)

08-01-10, 12:09
Yes - I just saw this making free version for vB 4 + vBSEO 3.5, so you are are right - they allow for such thing. And maybe we will also allow for it in the future. At this moment there is "little" difference between our organization size and being visible in the industry, and theirs ;)

09-01-10, 14:25
you should add nofollow to the credit link

09-01-10, 14:28
Okay thanks guys. I still would like to see this in the future as vbet grows :)

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