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Simon Lloyd
03-02-12, 08:01
Hi, over the last 24 hours my storage useage ballooned out of control and it was down to one thing!, an error log had filled up with these
PHP Warning: strpos() [<a href='function.strpos'>function.strpos</a>]: Offset not contained in string in /home/thecodec/public_html/forumz/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php on line 398 i had many many thousands of them (25GB in all!) and it seems that this was all due to not being able to contact vBET's server!

This wasn't pointed out when purchasing that our server needs to be able to contact yours at all times!, your server was down and so was the software (modificatio) that i purchased from you, is there a real need to have vBET be constantly in touch with your server?

03-02-12, 17:42
I will try to check in on my test forum. Also can you please describe me step by step what you'd did before error appeared?

Simon Lloyd
03-02-12, 17:50
Simple, those errors were appearing in my error log ALL the time your site was down yesterday, when your site came back up the errors stopped or slowed down, i now have only thousands of them today (17mb)
[03-Feb-2012 13:20:48] PHP Warning: strpos() [<a href='function.strpos'>function.strpos</a>]: Offset not contained in string in /home/thecodec/public_html/forumz/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions.php on line 398, the forum is operating normally no issues or errors except those filling my error log.

So no steps to recreate it!

05-02-12, 19:51
vBET do not requires connection with our server to make translation etc. Therefore it is impossible that our sever crash affect your forum. What is possible is that our vBET server and yours server suffer from very same issue. Our server was down for more than day, yours gave you a lot of logs error. Right now it's difficult to guess what has caused it, and , more important, to predict it - we do not know what internal providers server error may appear :(

Does this log still exist? If yes I can set some logs and checks what is going on.

Simon Lloyd
05-02-12, 20:11
You have forum root access, the log exits (i clear it daily!) and right now has over 2GB of entries all from vBET, you may delete the file, create another blank one and then keep checking back for errors as 2GB will not open in server and you'll have trouble opening it on your PC.

EDIT: i have to say that my server has not been down in months (there were some 500 errors but they were momentary and i caused them when changing one of my own plugins).

error log is found at /public_html/forumz/error_log

06-02-12, 23:30
Currently I hide this warning in order not to crash\trash your forum. Right now I'm checking why it appears. Also I cannot recreate this error
I've changed this line

$closePosition = strpos($outputPart, '>',$openPosition + 1);
Into this line:

$closePosition = @strpos($outputPart, '>',$openPosition + 1);

Simon Lloyd
12-02-12, 08:02
Hi, any further with this issue or why it was reporting the problem?

12-02-12, 23:43
Most probably, when in one of providers has some internal error (this one which crashed our server also) create some strange tranlation outup which started endless loop - that would explain why in do not affects on your server - as you said forum was working fine. I browse again your error file it is free of this warning - or you just errased it?

Simon Lloyd
13-02-12, 18:49
I haven't edit the error log at all, even the errors that i created i left there, so do you think this bug is fixed or is it just hidden by the file change you made?

And yes the forum is functioning fine, i don't pay for too much google translation just 100,000 characters per day so a lot of translations are left waiting to be translated.

16-02-12, 19:25
I think the error is fixed, otherways error log should has other warnings from the very same loop, if something appear again please contact us

Simon Lloyd
20-02-12, 20:35
Ok that issue hasn't shown but, and probably unrelated, i am getting mysql errors for appertium, i'll keep an eye on it and open another thread if need be but you may mark this solved as there have not been any further errors.

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