View Full Version : Solved After Upgrading to VBET354 -- translations no longer working

18-01-12, 16:16
I just upgraded from 353 to 354, and all went well. After upgrading, I now see that translations are no longer working, and in Provider Availability, they're all set to "No".
Previously, I had Google v2, Microsoft, and Apertium working with correct API keys.

I also notice in the vBet Main options, I have an error:

Destination of your forum has to start with "/"

My forum is listed in the domain root (forum.domain.com) with no directory.
If I try to simply put a "/" in the box, it then says:

Destination of your forum could not end with "/"

Not sure if this is related to the translations not working?

18-01-12, 17:32

My forum is listed in the domain root (forum.domain.com) with no directory.
If I try to simply put a "/" in the box, it then says:
Do not put "/" just leave it blank

It is just an warning, setting are saved even with this message, also here is a quick fix for this bug: fix (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-bug-reporting/2743-4-4-6-bug.html#post11562)

About your first issue, seeing "disable" API is when you have temporary reached your limits, it checked in every 10 minutes, Please run test for google api v2 and Microsoft (which one are you using: "old one" or Microsoft by Azure) Most probably this is not a bug, but I will gladly help you to find out what is wrong

18-01-12, 21:26
I was using old one... let me try Azure translation services... will be back soon.


23-06-12, 21:17
So how is it? does the issue still exists?

07-07-12, 14:47
No response - considered the issue is gone. If not please write in this thread :)

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