View Full Version : Already done Disable within blogs and other non native vb scripts optio

03-01-10, 19:15
I would like a switch to disable for all non-native vb scripts like ibproarcade, vbblogs etc that would be a nice option. Hope this gets included.

04-01-10, 17:56
Right now if it is in forum path then it is allowed to translate.

We can add option to specify URLs which will be ignored - so no flags for those and if someone will go there with translated link, then he will get redirect to normal page. Is this solution is ok?

04-01-10, 17:59
That would be just as good :) if not better!

04-01-10, 18:06
Ok so. If you can give us some examples of URLs you want to have blocked. We want to determine does it will require to support regular expression (worst for performance) or it will be enough o just check does URL contains some string.

04-01-10, 18:11
Here is a few we may want to block:

/blog.php or /blogs/
all_albums.php or /teen-pictures-photos/

We would love to just be able to block the blog control panel url which is:

blog_inlinemod.php instead of the whole blog.

Looking forward to this :D

Hope that helps :)

04-01-10, 18:23
OK so we will start from simple strings and if it will be necessary then we will add regular expressions support.

So we will add new option where in text area you can determine URLs which will not be supported in translations. Each line will be for separate URL. You can define only part of URL - because if actual URL will include (as a part of itself) any of ignored URLs then it will be not supported.

04-01-10, 18:31
That sounds great! Thank you vBet :)

14-01-10, 16:11
Done - will be included in 3.3.0

For ignored URLs there will be no flags, no possibility to translate (redirection if someone will try) and no translation tracking.

14-01-10, 23:06
Awesome! Looking forward to this realease!

14-01-10, 23:39
This Sunday :D

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