View Full Version : Solved People who visit my site are first asked a question in russian?

Simon Lloyd
02-01-12, 19:22
Hi all, when people from other places around the world visit my site they seem to get a pop up asking a question in russian and the url is mysite.com/ru/ if they click any of the buttons then they get the site in their language, can someone help?

Here's a link to the pic showing the messagebox http://www.thecodecage.com/russian%20question.png

02-01-12, 21:18
Most probably it isn't coused by vBET - vBET do not install any pop-ups, please make sure this isn't a part of any other plugin or mod

Simon Lloyd
02-01-12, 22:21
I never see it, doesn't vBET ask the user if they want to go to their usercp to set their language?

Simon Lloyd
02-01-12, 22:52
This is the wording!
Перейти на русский перевод?
this is the translation
Go to the Russian translation?

So it's definately vBET doing it!!

EDIT: and i do have the latest version of vBET as you know, all your access details that i pm'd you a short while ago should still work if you need to check things.

03-01-12, 00:08
One thing came to me. Could you please check values of two options:
AdminCP -> vBET -> Misc -> Redirect to user language
AdminCP -> vBET -> Misc -> Redirect to user language
Please try to disable it then chack again for pop-up

Simon Lloyd
03-01-12, 00:28
I would go to that trouble but thats not really the issue, it's the fact that it's always in russian first and foremost!, a guy from india visited the site today and got that in Russian, his browser is set for english, his location is New Dehli, he wasn't a member so hasn't chosen a forum posting language so he should only have the forum presented in its default language "English"

I believe there's a different issue other than redirect the user, if it was that it wouldn't always be in Russian.

Simon Lloyd
03-01-12, 00:33
Pop up is set for:
Redirect to edit profile
Only after Login
Redirect to user language
Asked - user will be asked does he wants to be redirected

Simon Lloyd
03-01-12, 00:39
I just logged out of my forum (as im always logged in) and the box appeared, the settings are "After log in" so why after log out then?, i was wondering why my membership had slowed and my ad revenue had plummeted, i've been looking for reasons none of which i can find but once the pop up is there the site doesn't load unless the box is cancelled or ok'd none of which a search engine can do!

03-01-12, 18:55
Using access you've sent me I wil check it right now

Could you please describe me step by step what to do to see that pop-up,
If it is necessary could you creat also non admin test account.

Simon Lloyd
03-01-12, 21:17
PM sent with new registered user details.

04-01-12, 17:27
I login/logouat, browse some posts and I didn't see any pop-up. Could you please describe me step by step what to do see the pop-up window?

Simon Lloyd
04-01-12, 17:42
i guess you'll have to clear cookies now, but when it was reported to me (and i have seen it a few times myself) i logged out clicked the link to return to the page i last viewed and the box popped up and the site wouldn't load properly until one of the buttons was clicked, i experienced it in IE9 the user who reported it was using Firefox

04-01-12, 17:48
Ok I will test it in those browsers

04-01-12, 18:17
Still no POP-up. Please give me exact "what to do" list, when it shows to you. Exact url, exact translation (if needed), when(in which thread) to logout, in which try to login - everything can matter

Simon Lloyd
04-01-12, 18:39
The steps i gave you is how it happens, i can't recreate it again, i managed to recreate it once after posting the problem here but cannot again, the user didnt give a url other than the one he was redirected to Справка по Microsoft Office - программирование Microsoft Office обсуждения - Excel VBA-программирование - доступа (http://www.thecodecage.com/forumz/ru/) and when it happened for him i very much doubt that i managed to pick the exact thread he did to get redirect message.

EDIT: he's just told me that he wasn't logged in, he simply entered the site url in his browser to get him there and the pop up appeared!

04-01-12, 19:14
I know this is the issue for you but right now is hard to guess what could couse it. Could please ask him what his user language s?

Simon Lloyd
04-01-12, 19:23
I gave you all this information at the begining of the thread, he did not have a forum posting language as he wasn't signed in, his browser is set to english and he is indian living in New Dehli******

04-01-12, 19:32
Ok thanks. I will check it again, but like I said it is hard to guess what coused it, vBET-Michal is out this week, but after he's back we will talk about this issue . If you get any additional information about an error please let me know.

Simon Lloyd
04-01-12, 19:44
Ok, but i had it constantly a good few weeks ago, then it disappeared when i did the upgrade, but now it seems that it can still be experienced, i might just disable the Russian language as i can't rely on the issue NOT being present and when my alexa ranking has gone from 79,000 to over 300,000 then it's serious, my ranking is starting to come back up but like i said i cant take the chance so i'll disable it.

07-01-12, 19:45
While we can't check this pop from inside there is one explenation why it appears in russian (to disable it completly , like I said in previous post, do: admincp -> vbet -> misc -> Redirect to user language : Disabled):
-After logout - user has no his settings - he's treated like guest, popup read cookies from your browser settings

Simon Lloyd
07-01-12, 23:48
Thats not the explanation, my browser has NEVER been set to russian but i saw it when i logged out just as he did, i cant vouch that his browser has never been russian but he's indian, lives in New Dehli and types and speaks in English so why on earth would our cookies be read as russian?

08-01-12, 20:11
my apologize it read headers, you might even never set/use russian language, but your browser can thin you were. This is all can I say without checking it - sorry I can't see this popup

Simon Lloyd
08-01-12, 22:05
I have turned the russian language off, seeing the pop-up will not help you as once you have dismissed it, it doesn't come back (at least not for a while!), it's not possible for my browser to "think" i have set or use russian language, the only language that has ever been set in my browser is the default English UK, as i said i cant vouch for the person who reported it, i have experienced it before and im pretty sure others are too.

In order for a language mistake to take place i'd either have to physically change it, use software to change it (vBET) or us a russian proxy (or proxy set up to fake being russian) only one of which is possible for me and thats vBET.

09-01-12, 13:24
Hi. I do not understand where are you going to. You got simple answer - the behavior is forced by you - you set it in settings.
And you can easily turn it off in Admin CP -> vBET -> Misc -> Redirect to user language.
Go there and set Disabled. vBET will not ask or redirection anymore.

It is great that vBET behaves how you configured it. It would be bad if it ignore your settings. For software doesn't matter which language user speaks or what does he claims about his browser settings. For software only thing that matters are actual headers which comes with request. And those are checked with settings we are discussing about. Nothing more. That is how vBET works here and you can easily change it if you want. by your configuration.

I suggest to check your browser settings when it will happen again (it you still will have asked redirections turned on). And if you will not find there in language settings the language you are asked to be redirected, then check also what comes to the server (add some logs) - please remember that Internet is a big place and your packages comes by lot of places - it is possible that some proxy server adds own headers to your request. Anyway - there is no magic. If you where asked to redirect by vBET and it was redirect to Russian language then rout request had in language headers Russian language on the top of all languages known by vBET. You can check it yourself if you want - just go to file /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_lang.php and check function vbet_getRedirectionLanguage. This is also good place to add your logs if you thing that we have bug and want to prove it to us.

If you prefer to disable full application instead of one parameter (which you set yourself) - do what you think, think what you do... It is your forum. We are happy to explain you why this happened and how you can change it. If you need more help please just write :)

Simon Lloyd
09-01-12, 17:04
Michael, thanks for the response, yes i have configured vBET to ask and vBET should work this way without problems, however the issue was that unregistered or peopel who log out were being asked the redirect question, vBET, as far as i know should not work this way, also the language is ALWAYS russian, so here's the two scenario's:
1. Unregistered user from India visits the site, see's the pop up (in russian) asking if he wants to set his language to russian, he declines and can view the site as normal in english, if he accepts (but please bear in mind as he doesn't speak russian he cannot read the pop up) he's transported to Microsoft Office Help - Microsoft Office Discussion - Excel VBA Programming - Access Programming (http://www.thecodecage.com/forumz/ru)

2. I get told about this (and have experienced it myself in the past) and log out of the forum, select the link to take me to the place i was viewing before and then i get the pop up in Russian, the the same scenario as above takes place

If we are logged out why would we be presented with the pop up? the pop up is only for logged in people isn't it?

It won't be my server as its in the UK and is dedicated, i have total control over it, as i sadi though, i've turned the Russian language off now so hopefully that will stop the issue.

09-01-12, 23:39
If we are logged out why would we be presented with the pop up? the pop up is only for logged in people isn't it?
No this happens for people who starts new session:

Redirection will happen only at the beginning of new session (client must have cookies enabled or will be redirected each time).
And it is recognized by cookies.

Also as I wrote before only what matters for your server is what language header comes with request. And it appears that in booth your scenarios header with Russian language came with request. Please check your server configuration - maybe you have set some default language added when no language header is set. Anyway I doubt that we have bug here. This functionality wasn't modified for very long time and it is working fine. We can check it if it will happen again in logs - most probably it will show what I wrote - that Russian language code was send in appropriate header. If I'm wrong we will correct the bug, but first we need to confirm that there is any bug.

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