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29-12-09, 04:35
Please take a look at some links Googlebot found after I added language "cs":
site:www.thegame-online.dk/cs - Google-søgning (http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&rlz=1R2GGLL_daDK329&tbo=1&q=site:www.thegame-online.dk/cs&start=320&sa=N&filter=0)

vbenterprisetranslatoor_seo.php was already updated before adding the language:

if(isset($_GET['vbet_lang'])) {
if (false === strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '/'.$_GET['vbet_lang'].'/')) {
$_GET['language'] = $_GET['vbet_lang'];
$_GET['force_redirect'] = true;
header("HTTP/1.1 301");
} else {
$_GET['language'] = $_GET['vbet_lang'];
$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = $_GET['redirected'];
$_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] = str_replace('vbet_lang='.$_GET['language'].'&redirected='.$_GET['redirected'], '', $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
if (isset($_COOKIE['vbet_language']) && !isset($_GET['language']) && false === strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'],'external.php')) {
$_GET['language'] = $_COOKIE['vbet_language'];
$_GET['force_redirect'] = true;

03-01-10, 19:50
I think we found the reason and corrected it. The issue was that vBET was displaying pages for disabled languages if someone wrote it from hand, forgot to remove lang code from sitemap generator, or just disabled language which was already partially indexed by Google. So in this case page was generated, but because language was disabled so page was generated wrong.

We corrected it and it will be released in 3.3.0 - so if URL to not supported language comes, then there will be redirect normal (not translated) page.

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