View Full Version : Translator also for permanent translations, offline translation generation, not on the fly?

11-11-11, 14:09

I am very interested in buying this Translator, but have some more questions.
Can the generated translations be stored permanently (not only cached for a time), when there is no change (maybe detected by md5-hash of text). I want to translate initially some 100-1000 pages, store the results permanently. Only if somebody changes a posting, adds a new posting, new threads are created, then only should a new translation be done. Best would be offline, so during the night/least traffic hours the translations are done and just delivered when a user accesses the page in that language.

I hope it is understandable what I desire with this addon.
Is it supported? Or if not, can it be implemented?


12-11-11, 11:09
vBET caches translation results. You can cache it forever so you will not have to pay for same translation again. We do have automatic cache cleaner, but it can be disabled. So vBET works just as you wrote - only when new text appears to translate we ask external providers for translation. Otherwise it is taken from cache. Still vBET do not pre-cache - it means that vBET will do the first translation, when first request to translated page will come. But for each translation only first request will be slower (because of asking 3rd party translation providers), next requests will be handled with cache, so it is acceptable.

If you have any other questions please just ask :)


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