View Full Version : Solved Blank translation, Dead pages and absolutely killed my gopogle crawling time

07-11-11, 16:49
After looking in webmaster tools my google indexing is completely shot, times are insane and total pages is sub 20K from 600K. I go to forum pages and they are blank where text should be, my non forum pages that were ok are now re-directing to not found.

Im going a bit nuts over this, Ive upgraded to the lates version of vbet for 3.8 and got a google apI2 key but im still not working correctly.

site is Online Casino Guide | No Deposit Casinos | Online Casino Reviews and forum (http://www.allfreechips.com)

07-11-11, 16:54
Also, If i switch to a lang, I can not switch back to English?

The url end with /# and it does not change the lang setting.

07-11-11, 17:17
Ok, just going crazy now. I still cant change back to english, once i click a [page it goes right back to /fi ??

Also, I am seing text now on the pages but its all english still?

07-11-11, 19:01
Getting close, I added the MSN Api key and it seems to be working finally. I still dont understand the Google APIv2 issue though.

07-11-11, 20:48
Hi. I see the issue is solved now ant it was just configuration issue.

About Google APIv2 key - please make sure you have correct key. It is not enough to just copy the key from Google v1. You will find link to appropriate place in parameter description. Also please note that Google v2 is paid and you set own limit there so please make sure that you have your Google account configured appropriately for Translation API v2.

08-11-11, 14:19
Yes I set an account up for the paid key but it doesnt seem to use it, and of course i get that tranactrion limit exceeded with the v2 script.

Starting translation test for Google API v2
Test result: { "error": { "errors": [ { "domain": "usageLimits", "reason": "dailyLimitExceeded", "message": "Daily Limit Exceeded" } ], "code": 403, "message": "Daily Limit Exceeded" } }
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 1380.14208984

And my v2 stats on google show 0 .

Last weired isue in my IE, I can not go back to english it just defaults to /fi ?

08-11-11, 19:15
Also seems only parts of pages are translated? Very odd things here..

08-11-11, 19:20
Also seems only parts of pages are translated? Very odd things here..

You reach your translation limits in translation providers. No new translations are coming until limits are available again, so you see translated only what is already cached. Please see here for more details: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq-3.html#post10970

09-11-11, 14:19
Hmm, I still have 0 characters used on my googvle v2 transation key as well. I am not sure what is happening with all this. My stats though for crawling are heading back to normal, this was an incredible hit on my site.

09-11-11, 20:28
Here is a new twist. My posts from before I upgraded that were in a diff lang, are showing blank titles and blank posts, yet you can view the orig text in the different lang still.

This is all on my test site.

09-11-11, 22:42
Please provide URL to page when we can see it.

11-11-11, 18:43

to acces the domain its pw protected, test and test is the pw

Now you will see blank titles that are translated text, also I have a title I renamed to Test that was also blank and you can see the text is blank inside the post, yet you can see the orig text if you click the flag for looking at the origional.

12-11-11, 11:20
OK I see that after translation tests are empty. Please tell which version of vBET are you using? In newest version vBET suppose to mark provider as unavailable if you reach your limits and in such case original text should be displayed. So please tell which version of vBET are you using. Also please tell which translation providers you are using and for each one please make test to check do you have access there: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq-2.html#post1728

Please see here details about un-translated text: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq-3.html#post10876

Please note that vBET recognizes reached limit by appropriate response from provider. So if you have some other issue (like blocked outgoing connections) then vBET will not mark provider as not available and keep going using it - this would explain why you have empty text all the time. So please use tests and tell us what are the responses. For me it looks like some trouble with translation provider, but not reached translation limit. Maybe wrong API key, maybe blocked outgoing connections, maybe something else. Lets check it and then we will know what happens.

12-11-11, 15:37
it is 4.4.4 and for the test forum I simply have the basic google non keyed setup, I dont have my MSN key in use there.

14-11-11, 10:59
To clarify - by basic google you mean Google Api v1?
Please run test (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq-2.html#post1728) for it and show us results

14-11-11, 14:17
Starting translation test for Google API v1
Test result: {"responseData": {"translatedText":"hello"}, "responseDetails": null, "responseStatus": 200}
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 131.11889648438

is the response for v1, and yes that is what I ment

14-11-11, 21:23
OK so in such case please provide is access details to Admin CP and FTP for your testing forum. We will check it on place.
I understand that in time of running Google test, Google was available for you - we need to check does in same time it is turned on in vBET. If yes then translation should be provided.

Please PM access details and we will check it. Please PM to r.dziadusz (my time is limited this week).

14-11-11, 22:01
great, then i also would love to figure out why my google v2 key doesnt seem to work on the orig site as well after we fix this one.

14-11-11, 22:46
Hi I will also figure out what to do with your google apiv2, also about dissapearing titles - you have disabled: use google only but you don't have Microsoft api key, so vBET tried to use Microsoft Translation API but it was no key so there was blank titles, now it's ok.
Also if you use only google API v1 you will reach your limits extremaly fast, thats why you don't see translated text, only orginal.
I need to have pass to you ftp, to put and check test for Google Translation Api v2

16-11-11, 19:18
I added thet test for mt 3.8 forum.

Starting translation test for Google API v2
Test result: { "error": { "errors": [ { "domain": "usageLimits", "reason": "dailyLimitExceeded", "message": "Daily Limit Exceeded" } ], "code": 403, "message": "Daily Limit Exceeded" } }
Test error:
Connection time (ms): 154.723144531

is the response, but on my stats page for the v2 key it shows many requests, but no character useage?

16-11-11, 19:22
ok, after looking again, i see I finally have stats showing

Traffic Reports for API Project

Total requests


7.66k peak 991.36 average

Start Date

Oct 20, 2011

Sample Period

28 days

16-11-11, 19:24
hmm, seems ive had six straight days of 2M characters. This appears to be getting real expensive real fast

17-11-11, 19:39
OK, up to $160 now in api chjarges and still showing mainly blank pages? How big does this usually go? TYhis is killing my rankings now

17-11-11, 19:41
Please read this thread (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq-2.html#post10412) to learn how to reduce your payments.
Also if you enable only languages which are provided by Microsoft you will have your translations free!

30-11-11, 11:45
No answer, I considered it solved, If you have any questions about this issue I will remark it open, for any other please open new thread

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