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26-10-11, 18:47
so whats going on with the google api 2 ? do we have to pay extra ? do we have a limit or what ?

o 1 M characters of text: $20.00

# Usage limits:

* If you need to translate more than 50 M chars/month, please contact us.
* Google Translate API v2 has a default limit of 2 M chars/day. This limit can be configured in the Quotas pane in the Google APIs Console

26-10-11, 19:32
vBET takes no extra provision for any translations. You pay directly to translation provider if you use paid services. Google free version will be closed December 1st 2011. In paid one you can set your limits yourself.

At this moment vBET supports also Microsoft Translation API which will be free until March 2012, and after that you can use it for free with limit of 2 millions characters/month, or paid if you need more.

Also at this moment we are testing free API Apertium. It is already working on this forum in beta version. Fro more info about that please see announcements.

26-10-11, 20:04
does the google api 2 provides better quality translations than 1 ? and how good is the microsoft api /?

27-10-11, 22:12
From what I can tell they're the same translations, but v1 is seriously limited right now and will be taken offline completely in Dec.

Microsoft is slower and the translations aren't as good. That API is also limited and will only be free for another year.

28-10-11, 21:27
We also believe that Google v1 and Google v2 is the same service. The difference is that now Google wants money for that...

And correction to message given by tavenger5 about Microsoft - according to information we have Microsoft Translation API will still be free. The details are - previously Microsoft Translation API was all free. Now it is open also paid version and free one is limited. After March 2012 all Microsoft Translation API users will have to use Windows Azure Marketplace, but still FREE VERSION WILL BE AVAILABLE with limit 2 millions characters/month. Please see details here: https://datamarket.azure.com/dataset/1899a118-d202-492c-aa16-ba21c33c06cb
As you can see there is available free subscription :)

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