View Full Version : Rejected Choice of flags for English language

20-10-11, 01:16
I run a forum in English. 90% of my forum users are from the USA. I would like to have the option to select the USA flag as the default English flag (at the moment it is the UK "Union Jack" flag). I am sorry to ask for this because I am actually English myself, but I have to give my users what they want! At the moment I have manually edited the all_flags.gif GIF image to replace the UK flag with the USA flag.

20-10-11, 11:54
Manual edition is fine. As we suppose you do not need to change it anymore. Also other users when need will set it once and leave it. So from performance point of view it is better to just edit the image instead of use additional options allowing to set each flag. In such case we wouldn't be able to use CSS Sprite - now only one request gets all flags. Without CSS Sprite it will be one request per one flag = 53 requests. Also images changes very rare in vBET so basically you already have solution.

We understand your need, still keeping in mind that this would degrade performance and that there is easy solution for this (just edit the image) we think we will not go for it.

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