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18-10-11, 16:51
1. Isn't there a way to just add free google translate to the site? how is this different?
2. I notice a lot of people are saying that this helps increase pages indexed in google. How does this happen since none of the pages are actually translated until someone clicks a translate button?
3. What are the best features that separate this from the free version?

Thank you

18-10-11, 19:51
1. First at all - please note that Google Translation API v1 which is free will be closed by Google December 1st. vBET supports also Google Translation API v2 (paid) and Microsoft Translation API (free until March 2012). What is the difference - vBET has thousands lines of code which integrates with vBulletin, supports several layers of cache, supports translation of URL, RSS, forum, blogs and CMS (in vBulletin Publishing Suite). So if you are thinking about writing few lines of code which will do whole the integration - this is bigger that can look. You can always include on your forum just Google translation widget, so people who will find your site will be able to translate it. But this will allow only to translate when someone is already on page - how someone who knows only Chinese will even find your page? He will not. vBET allows translated pages to be indexed by search engines so the Chinese guy will find pages translated with vBET support :) Chinese is use example here of course ;)
2. We do not have translate button - we have translate links - you can see it on our forum (also please note that URLs are translated). So robots will find links and will fallow it - simple :)
3. The best one - free version is closed. Free Google translations will be closed soon so there is no sense to support free versions anymore. We hope there will be some other free API, but at this moment we do not know such.
For main differences between free and paid versions please see here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-announcements/3-vb-enterprise-translator-3-x-4x.html
For all differences and features please see here: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet-announcements/4-vb-enterprise-translator-features.html

18-10-11, 20:14
Are there any coupon/discount codes for this?

20-10-11, 02:34
There is no coupon/discount codes for vBET.

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