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11-10-11, 14:50
So Google is starting to charge for translations, and MS future fee structure is unknown (how long will they offer a free service?)

If I purchase your product, is there any assurance that I will have translation service in the future without having to pay an additional per-word charge?

That is to say, if in the future, MS stops their free service, and/or you are unable to find any free APIs, will I be able to get a refund on your software?

Thank you.


11-10-11, 19:44
Google Translation API v1 which is free is available only until 1 December 2011.
Google Translation API v2 is already available and paid.
Microsoft Translation API will be free until March 2012. It is already available also as paid service so fee structure is available.
Booth free translation API have limits already set.

We do not give and we are not able to give any assurance that you will have access to translation providers. It is on user side to take care about it (create appropriate account on translation providers systems, pay if paid service are used, being OK to their terms of service). We cannot do this for our users. Also we cannot give assurances for 3rd parties. If you want to have such assurances please ask for those translation providers.

And answering your last question - no. Really - why? You do not paid us for translations - you paid us for vBET license which is using external providers to provide you translations from 3rd parties. vBET do and will do the same thing - ask for translation to translation provider you choose (from supported) and presents their results. If external providers will change anything in their strategy, vBET will still do the same thing. So why you would even want from us the refund if we still give you same thing? - results from translation providers.

No one of us knows the future - if I would, personally I wouldn't write this message just go to some lottery ;) Our risk in this business is that we depend of external translation providers API. Our users risk is that they depend of external translation providers terms of service. No one will change it. If your hosting provider ask you more for server hosting you will demand refund from the time you used the server? Lets be realistic - you want it and use it and have not idea what will be in the future (like always with everything) or you stay in bed whole day because you do not know what will happen when you get up. We are not insurance company and we are definitively not fortune-tellers. We do not know what will happen - our plan is to adopt :)

So I will give you no promises which cannot be hold. When you buy milk you do not ask will you get full refund if you will not drink whole the milk (because you split it, leave it, break the bottle or anything else). Do you have vbseo? Did you asked them will you get full refund if vBulletin finally add SEO links and you will be able to have it for free instead of paying for another mod - what you can do it now. Why you even ask us about that? Please read license agreement carefully - it is fair and realistic. Same thing you will find in any other software - especially when it depends from 3rd parties.

If you have any more questions please just ask :)

17-10-11, 01:29
I read in google pages that pricing for API translating service is 20$/Mb

I need to evaluate the cost that this service would generate in my site.
Is the a way to get the amount of currently daily/monthly translated content with your product already installed and working in the web?


17-10-11, 12:56
vBET do not made statistics itself - it has no sense since Google Translation API v2 make it. Also in Google Translation API v2 you are able to set your own limits. v2 is paid. v1 free, but it will be closed December 1st 2011. Microsoft translation API is free until March 2012. At this moment we support all 3 of those APIs

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