View Full Version : Solved vBET 3.5.1 not retranslating when available

Simon Lloyd
07-10-11, 19:26
Hi, i have the very latest version of vBET i find that if you have reached your limit for translation or a translation isn't available it shows the original language but when translations are available again it doesn't translate that post, an example can be found here WAITING ON SCREEN EXCEL VBA / PANTALLA DE ESPERA EN EXCEL VBA (http://www.thecodecage.com/forumz/microsoft-excel-vba-programming/211425-pantalla-de-espera-en-excel-visual-basic-for-applications.html#post1054991421) the first post is untranslated and the next post from the user IS translated!

If you want to take a look pm me and i'll give you user access as guests can only view first post.

08-10-11, 11:49
Please PM access details. We will check it.

Also please note that as was announced in last releases those are not optimized yet. Those are BETA versions which was released fast because it was important to react fast to changes on translation providers sides. Right now we are working to optimize it.

Going back to your issue - I have to see how it looks. It is really strange that message before is not translated and next one is. I see here 3 scenarios:
- bug in vBET
- provider was not available, and next message was already cached, because you have same text in other thread
- provider was available when translation started, messages in different language are translated first (BBCode is evaluated on vBulletin level) and when vBET start translating rest of page you reach limit so provider was blocked. It the message which is translated is in different language (used lang BBCode) it will be the cause.

Still this I need to see and check what is really going on right now I cannot see what is really going on there.

Simon Lloyd
08-10-11, 12:39
Hi Michael i have pm's you access, i can give you ftp and full admin if you need it :)

Simon Lloyd
08-10-11, 12:41
At the time of translation i had character limit set to 300,000 i am down to 100,000 now because the cost is far to high but am willing to raise the limit for any test you require.

08-10-11, 21:08
I was there - please see PM - I need more info (exact post and exact translation - you gave me link to not translated page).

Simon Lloyd
08-10-11, 21:41
Explanation given in PM :)

09-10-11, 12:26
According to information in PM the thread was modified manually and it is not observable now. So - when it happens again please write in existing thread. I will mark it solved for now (since we do not have the issue now) and reopen when you will find something like that. Also if there where lang BBCodes then probably happened what I described earlier - lang was translated during page generation (BBCode evaluated by vBulletin) and when vBET started to translate generated page you reach the limit and provider refuses translation. I cannot verify now - it is theory only. We will go back here when you find similar thread.

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