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06-10-11, 13:42
Hi :)

Google Translation API v1 and Microsoft Translation API put limits for number of translations. This release is about to help with this issue by supporting providers queue. So right now when more than one provider supports translation then vBET will use preferred one first. And in case if it is not available vBET will switch to next one. Not available is marked so we will not ask each time and every 10 minutes vBET will check is it available again. In case if no translation provider is available for translation vBET will use dummy translator. It means that already cached translations will be displayed and for not existing translations original text will be shown (not empty one like before - this can happen only when provider refuses translation).

Please note that you have to turn off option Use Google Only and set appropriate API keys to use providers queue. For details please see Admin CP -> vBET -> Translation Providers

If you didn't change configuration in vbet_translation_options then upload again content of upload-once into your server.
Those configuration files includes default providers queue for language pairs. If you made some changes there you can upload again and do the changes again or manually set providers queue preferred by you (see here for more details (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/troubleshooting/6-faq-2.html#post8915)).


Translation providers queue
Added support for language detection by Microsoft Translation API and Google Translation API V2
Added support for Catalan and Hindi by Microsoft Translation API (upload again content of upload-once directory or set the support manually in configuration files)

Bugs corrected:

Problem with "=&" (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-bug-reporting/2405-errors-php-5-3-8-a.html#post10172)
Undecleared variable $queryString
Workaround for vBulletin vbchop bug (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-troubleshooting/2362-if-thread-title-exceeded-insertion-langtitle-things-break.html)
Long texts to translate with Microsoft Translation API
Database errors for Microsoft Translator API (http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/vbet4-bug-reporting/2471-sql-error-containing-reference-vbet-has-started-again.html#post10513)

06-10-11, 14:45
Please hold on with this update. We discovered that now providers are turned off also because of wrong requests. We are right now working to correct it (will be included in next release). If you must you can update - just providers will be disabled more frequently than it is required.

09-10-11, 02:55
Any update on this? Thanks.

09-10-11, 12:36
We are still analyzing logs when providers are disabled. Few unnecessary disable where corrected. We will release next week. Please note that you can use this version, just please be aware that it can disable provider more often than it is really needed. It doesn't means that it will. The issue is specific for special characters with Microsoft translation and long messages in Google (our bug here - we didn't cut long keywords before). As I wrote most are already fixed, still have 2 issues we have to correct before release.

11-10-11, 01:26
At this moment we eliminated bugs related to turning off providers. Also RSS translation was improved (usage of cache). Our forum already is working on beta version - we need to analyze reasons of turning off after last updates. If everything will go OK then we will move tomorrow changes to vBET3.x install on our other real forum to check and this week we will release corrections.

Next step for another release is to support Microsoft Translation API in paid version.

And another step after that is to go back for looking other translation API which can be supported by vBET.

All other feature requests have lower priority right now.

14-10-11, 13:50
With all due respect Michal, this is now a nightmare! There are times that no one can even connect to my forum because of vbet! PLEASE******

14-10-11, 22:51
From your message I know only that you have some issue. Please open new thread in Troubleshooting and please give more info what exactly happens. We will gladly help you :)

16-10-11, 04:46
From your message I know only that you have some issue. Please open new thread in Troubleshooting and please give more info what exactly happens. We will gladly help you :)

I already have a thread open about this, here:


17-10-11, 12:57
Thanks please see discussion there :)

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