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04-10-11, 19:36
Before acquiring the product would like me to respond to two preguntas.1.-I've seen vbulletin forums who say that VB causes a negative impact on the performance of the server. My site has 1 million page views per day, and use Memchached. Sure that the server does not drop is? 2.-"VB" is comptabile with Vbseo and VbOptimise? I read that they are not compatible, they want me they were the truth.Thank you.

04-10-11, 22:46
Hi, answering your questions

1.- Translation is something additional what happens after page is generated, so of course it will take additional resources. But we have lot of improvements like cache which limits this impact. And in case of guests we even improve page generation speed (for guests cached page generates faster than in normal vBulletin) - in such case we cache final output so next requests to same page are instant - just streaming already prepared result (less CPU and memory consumption by costs of hard drive space). Of course until it expires (configurable). We cannot guarantee you how fast you pages will generate, because it depends on too many factors (number of your CPUs, amount of memory, connection speed to translation providers, amount of requests to translated pages). For normal pages vBET has minimal impact (just add flags and checks for titles written in different languages). Bigger traffic to translated pages will mean bigger resource consumption. As long as you will have free memory your server shouldn't fall. Please note that you can always use only part of supported languages and after the cache is filled then add more languages and check how your server handles it. There is no magic - additional functionality will produce additional cost, but we are working on magic after that (cache, Guest Cache) to minimize this impact and ever made cached pages generate faster than normal pages.

2.- Yes we are compatible with vbseo (you can see it on this very forum) and we are able to integrate with booth vbseo and vBulletin Friendly URL to translate URLs. We are also compatible with vBOptimise - we are using it on this forum too. It is needed to integrate with vbseo (clearly described how), but no integration is needed for vBOptimise

Thank you.
In case of any other questions - please just ask.

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