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21-12-09, 11:21
Hello, it would be great if vBadvanced CMPS would be supported with. The portal is located on the index.php, I switch the language around here, then I land the Forum Home page (in my forum.php). So I get the portal page to be translated. Thanks and regards, Hangman

22-12-09, 00:14

we are planning to support most popular mods which will need special integration. At this moment we have lot of work on 3.3.0 version. After that we will made integration with vBulletin 4.0 and then we will put our attention on other mods.

Still we are ready all the time to support mod authors which would like to made integrations themselves, by answering them which code is needed and where it should be put.

12-01-10, 18:40
How can you do that parsowany vbcmps.ps.To pages langtitle is the continuation of the thread mentioned in this topic: http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com/forum/pl/troubleshooting/194-mod-co%C5%9B-dzia%C5%82a-nie-richtik.html

13-01-10, 23:33
I'm glad that you want to continue with your it here:), generally you need to find a place where mod sets values for titles/fi Les, which then displays, and then add the following piece of code (sometimes you have to modify it yet-here are happy to help you as someone will have the code zanużony). Enter additional code directly in the code is the simplest fashion, though not necessarily the best.Sample code to upload (you need to change the name of the variable representing the title of $title):

if (strpos($title, '[/langtitle]')) {
require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_bbcode.php');
$title = vbet_parseTitle($title);

As I may need a minor change this code - in the case if the title is then cut, but I can only show the code in seeing who you are zanużyć.

19-01-10, 06:50
I did:D as you wrote you had a little modify the code.The expression $title it was necessary to turn the $thread [title] in the line 253 in the file recentthreads (the forum root/modules/) I added the following code:

// Langtitle
if (strpos($thread['title'], '[/langtitle]')) {
require_once(DIR. '/includes/vbenterprisetranslator_functions_bbcode.php');
$thread['title'] = vbet_parseTitle($thread['title']);

It's almost everything. : cool: I have a little problem with that. :p If the Polish on my forum in the "recent topics" is about written in Russian, by changing the language to Russian, I received a blank white page. (Other languages are working fine.)

19-01-10, 20:34
I have one small problem with this. : pJeżeli on my English forum "Recent topics" located about written in Russian, by changing the language on Russian appears to me a blank white page. (Other languages are fine.)
(A) that appears in any information in the logs of the server? Podeślij please an exact link to the page with "Recent topics", and write on exactly what to click to see this white page.

19-01-10, 21:34
(A) that appears in any information in the logs of the server? Podeślij please an exact link to the page with "Recent topics", and write on exactly what to click to see this white page.
It turned out that white page only appears on my FireFox;) Cookies ....But I have a problem. After you add the code before the name no longer appears to me the words [langtitle = unfortunately, how to change language, topics written in a foreign language are not translated and are still in English. Theme originally written in Russian: "возьмите в лигу" both in the Polish language, Russian and all other vbcmps page displays as: "take in the League"


Resolved. Until the silly to admit but I am running vB Optimise and probably just cache does not refresh and because of these problems.Thank you for your solution. :)

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