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28-09-11, 20:33
These are more like suggestions than feature requests, but I think they would be a welcome addition.

1. I see that if the same word appears multiple times on a page, it is sent to be translated twice.
For example, for two select dropdowns, you may see this in the URL: &q=Select&q=Select

The way the translations are fetched should be re-worked so that the request isn't made twice (now that both the Google and the Bing API are subject to strict limits and payments)

2. If a translation fails because a usage limit is reached, show the original text instead of blank strings.

3. Don't remove tabs and indentations from the source code. This doesn't improve performance and only makes the source harder to modify or build upon by those of us who like to dabble in PHP.

29-09-11, 16:24

1. Yes you have right about it. It wasn't the issue before and because it was not common case it was even better for performance to not check does the world is already in translation queue. Right now it could safe some cents. We will look closer to our algorithm.

2. This will give small performance impact, but it shouldn't be really visible. We will upgrade this.

3. We do not want to encourage of code changes - this leads only to issues.

30-09-11, 06:29
Sounds good! I'm still using 3.3.3 and for custom integration with reviewpost and photoplog I had to make some changes to the code...I already mentioned this as another suggestions, though.

Another suggestion:

4. Set a CURL timeout on translation requests. Anything that takes longer than 1 second should probably be killed (this change would go well together with #2, even if you don't cache the original text).

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