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23-09-11, 15:35
While i had some server load to the server, suddenly i get a warning from vb that i have incomplete profile fields to fill. which sound really weird since i dont have any fields since all were already filled.

i go to user cp and i see that what was placed in my "about me" was changed to italian. in the beggining i thought i got hacked or something, my host examined but didnt find out, and later i checked what this word in italian means and it is a translated term of what i already had in my profile.

this is very weird becouse it seems that somehow it was caused by vbet. i dont know why and i am really disturb to find out that such things may have affected other data too. the most weird thing though, is that i had database cache turned off.

any ideas of whats going on ?

23-09-11, 16:13
vBET shouldn't change your data. vBET do not translate information which comes by POST. Maybe you committed translated information - in such case you send such data to server and vBET do not change POST info so it went to DB. This is only hypothesis. And week hypothesis, because vBET do not translate values inside of input fields... So really only reason I see it now it is that such data was send to server.

At this moment I'm not sure do I understand you well. So please give exact information:
- on which page do you see this data (URL)
- what is the field name
- can you reproduce the issue?

We will check it after we will be sure what to check :)

23-09-11, 17:46
the userprofile field "about me" this one was changed. I had something written there, then for some reason i got a warning that i have incomplete profile fields although all were filled. then i go to see and i see that in this profile field "about me" the input was in italian :/

24-09-11, 12:27
i also saw that some non english characters where changed to ?????????? for example in the meta description :/

25-09-11, 22:19
OK so - you are able to reproduce it? Do I understand correctly that I have to edit profile on translated page and provoke form errors, and after that it will be translated? Yes? Please give me in points what to do - we will work to reproduce on our test forums and correct it :)

25-09-11, 22:23
i also saw that some non english characters where changed to ?????????? for example in the meta description :/

Is this is the same issue - editing profile or something else? For new issue please open new thread and give more info :)

26-09-11, 19:14
I've tried to reproduce this issue in our test forum by editing/saving/translating data in "about me" but I wasn't able to do this. I'm sorry i have to have more hints

04-10-11, 09:39
No answer, consider it solved, if you have any question about this topic please ask, I will reopen it, for any other issues please open new thread

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