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19-12-09, 22:52
Lets say a user post in english on a danish forum.

Then we have a danish link .../da/showthread.php?t=xyz... that contains English text translated to danish (you can show the english text using the "drop down arrow").

Then if you search for an english string from the translation the danish link shows up, because Google indexes the english text that apperes in the source of .../da/showthread.php?t=xyz...

So what we need is a tag that tells google not to index source content. Otherwise you can run into problems with duplicate content because the same source content will be indexed in 52 different links.

Example: I have a buyer who consistently buys only R from me and he site:www.thegame-online.dk - Google-s√łgning (http://www.google.dk/search?q=I+have+a+buyer+who+consistently+buys+only+R+from+me+and+he+site:www.thegame-online.dk&hl=da&rlz=1T4GGLL_daDK329DK329&filter=0)

PS Seems external direct is not working properly on this forum, at least not in explorer ...

19-12-09, 23:30
It is not like that. As you can see on each page you have different content - you have translation. It is not a duplicate content if some page have part of text from other page. If you have everything translated + included only small part of other part in original page it shouldn't be considered as duplicate content. Otherwise quoting would be also considered as duplicate content - do you want disable quoting in your forum? Also note that archive pages have even exactly same text and are not considered a duplicate content, because really they are different (lot of test from GUI are not included there). So - this is NOT causing duplicate content issues :)

If you do not want to include original text of post written in different language then just change template vbenterprisetranslator_inpost_translate. It is up to you. By default we provide template which allows to see original text, because it is useful for people who understand this original language.It is not a bug - it should work this way.

Also we do not know why Google shows everywhere English text in this case - as you can see in each page meta description is translated. One more time - you can just change the template if you do not like actual one.

19-12-09, 23:37
Ok, thats easy to fix then :)

Do you know if there alternatively exist some sort of way to tell Googlebot to ignore a part of text on a page - I could use it the template instead of removing the functionality?

19-12-09, 23:43
There is a way - it could be included not directly but by JavaScript. This way it would be ignored by boots. We will consider this idea :) Added in TODO list :)

Also please read my last post one more time - I edited it and add more arguments why it is not duplicate of content.

19-12-09, 23:54
Great its added to TODO list :) I understand it would not be a larger issue at the moment, but it is a bit "cleaner" that way :)

20-12-09, 02:12
Yes of course - this will be much better solution - thanks for giving us direction for it :)

And of course it will definitively close issue about - why Google shows there description in English when description is translated ;)

One more thing - please note that making changes in templates will cause that you will have to revert those after update (otherwise vBulletin will still use your changes instead of updated original templates).

10-01-10, 07:03
Done - will be included in 3.3.0

16-01-10, 09:09
We have to remove this functionality - it appears that it broke RSS. We will not be able to handle this before release. Sorry.

I re-open this issue and we will work on this one again after 3.3.0 release :)

17-01-10, 13:26
Ok - It appears that we handle the issue :) RSS will work without template.

So done and will be included in vBET 3.3.0. Please note that it will be configurable and disabled by default! There will be new parameter "Show original text" which will allow you to disable original text, show it in normal way or added by JavaScript (best for SEO).

Also please note that showing by JavaScript is considered as BETA functionality at this moment. We tested it in many configurations including special chars, but we didn't have time to test it on live forums, so please be aware about that.

Also please note that to make it works we changed template vbenterprisetranslator_inpost_translate.

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