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19-12-09, 09:25
I have a forum with some threads that where originally english. Then some of the first post was translated. Fx. the title tags was removed and title translated to source language:

Like this: http://www.thegame-online.dk/showthread.php?t=13761

Now the rss feed containing such posts are very messed up for source language: http://www.thegame-online.dk/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=205

Encoding is utf-8 instead of ISO - so æøå not shown correctly + some of the text that is supposed to be translated in feed is not translated and so on (webmaster tools will not accept the feed because of errors).

For other languages such a feed is just empty: http://www.thegame-online.dk/es/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=205

Feeds for forums not containing such posts are normal: http://www.thegame-online.dk/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=22

PS Please edit the post and paste the links since you are not directed to the correct link by clicking on the link.

20-12-09, 01:40
Thanks for note - we will correct this. As I see under Firefox the issue is only with some signs. We will investigate what made those signs so special. Is this happens only on RSS? Does on real page you see normal text?

Also can you please see your 2nd link under Firefox and try to detest what signs are changed to ? - it should be much easier for you since it is in your language.

20-12-09, 01:46
Real pages are normal and are indexed normal in Google. You can try and run feed in Explorer. You will then see in the source (view source for page) æ ø å seems to be changed to chinese or japanese characters.

20-12-09, 02:31
Thanks. One more ask - can you give me some real sentence which will include those signs? I will use it on our testing forum to reproduce issue and correct bug :)

20-12-09, 02:38
Yes: "Jeg har købt adskillige bøger om mænds mode i år" (I have bought several books about mens fashion this year)

16-01-10, 17:27
Corrected - will be included in 3.3.0

Tested under IE, Mozilla and Opera (each one shows RSS channels differently).

Also RSS will not use templates for translated text - it will be faster and without unnecessary code (images and envelope) :)

19-01-10, 01:50
Something strage is going on:

1. Source language feed not working in IE and operah + showing strange characters in FF: http://www.thegame-online.dk/external.php?type=RSS - encoding seems to be utf-8 instead of iso

2. Language feeds showing normal http://www.thegame-online.dk/sv/external.php?type=RSS2 ... but ...

3. All feeds are from 18'th - feeds are not showing posts from 19' and forward .. cant figure the last one out right now - external data provider set to update each minute and showing 2 days back + 500 threads.

19-01-10, 02:24
Seems vBet feed not updated either ??

19-01-10, 20:13
Ok I re-open this thread. WE will check it all and correct. Sorry for troubles.

20-01-10, 01:40
Strange - all my feeds are working perfectly now and updated. Also the original problem in this thread with a mixture of language tags and no tags in posts are also no longer a problem. Also I can see the vbet feed is working now.

I wonder why this was an issue yesterday - perhaps because the language cache tables where empty ? But vbets cache was not empty also ??

21-01-10, 13:57
OK - so it is this still an issue? Because we are not able to reproduce it.

Possible reason why it wasn't working and now it is, is because RSS channel shows other messages right now. So it is possible that some issue exist, but it is rare and we do not know now what it is.

For sure - it is not because of vBET cache - RSS has it's own vBulletin's cache so for RSS translations vBET cache is not used at all (it appears to be better for performance).

I will leave this thread open for some time. As I wrote we are not able to reproduce it on our side. So if I can ask you please monitor your RSS channel and check it from time to time. If you find this issue again it would be best to copy and give us links to every post which was shown in your RSS channel. This way we will be able to put it to our test forum, see exact content and work on it. Please stay in touch with this issue.

21-01-10, 18:27
RSS still fine. But I will monitor and report if problem occurs again.

21-01-10, 22:43
RSS still fine. But I will monitor and report if problem occurs again.

It is also possible that this wrong content was from vB cache - generated before update. We will see does some bugs will appear in future.

27-01-10, 05:43
There is an issue:

If title contains language tags and body contains source without tags then rss for source language dies. RSS then shows <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> when source in fact is iso-8859-10


[*language=en*]Title in english[*/language]


iso-8859-10 source language with no tags

(* inserted in example)

Another small issue (explorer only): RSS for source (iso-8859-10 language) (even when not provoking above) cannot show hyphen in titles: - (it can show hyphen in titles for other languages though)

28-01-10, 00:11
There is no lanuguage bbcode. I assume that you mean langtitle bbcode.

Question is - does issue really exists? Do you see any wrong content?...

vBET re-encodes RSS content when any translation is made. So - do you have issue or you just think that there could be an issue? If you have issue then please be more specific - give us URL and point which content is wrong. This will help us to fix it :)

About hyphen - which exactly is this sign? '_' or '-' or something else... Please point it and give URL where we can see it. Also do you see this hyphen in html source? If yes, then it is just a way how IE shows it.

28-01-10, 00:33
If you send me a pm when you are ready to look at it, I can provoke the error temporarily.

You will get an url of the thread causing the problem + a link to the rss feed.

28-01-10, 07:10
Ok here is an example to my test forum:

Right now you will see the RSS-feed is not working: <![CDATA[TGO]]> (http://www.thegameonline.dk/external.php?type=RSS2)

The RSS feed contains 2 new threads:

1. A thread with the title tagged in English - body is not tagged: Engelsk tagged titel (http://www.thegameonline.dk/showthread.php?t=16630)

2. A thread not tagged: url=http://www.thegameonline.dk/showthread.php?t=16631

You can make the RSS-feed work in to ways.

a) Delete the title tags of thread 1.
b) Delete thread 2.

I have pm'd you the user login for thread starter so you can log in and test :)

29-01-10, 00:33
Great thanks. I totally see it right now. We will reproduce it on our server and we will fix it :)

29-01-10, 19:44
Just want you to know that we successfully reproduced it on our server, so it will be solved soon :)

29-01-10, 23:35
Corrected. Will be included in 3.3.2

For quick fix please fallow this instructions:
1. Open file /includes/vbenterprisetranslator_class_externalParser.php
2. Find code:

$this->outputResult[$this->index] .= $toTranslate;
if (false === $cdata) {
$this->outputResult[$this->index] .= ']]>';
return false;

3. Change first line in it to:

$this->outputResult[$this->index] .= vbet_getReEncoded($toTranslate);

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