View Full Version : Just unclear about the cost and MS API

15-09-11, 17:13
So how much is it actually?

I see branded for $99
I seen brand free for #135
But the way your cart works it ads both together.

Is it really over $200 for the branding free. And I would also like more info on the Microsoft API and how to get one.

16-09-11, 16:59
Normal license costs $90. Buying this one you have ALL vBET features.
Branding Free is additional license and it is additional cost of $135. This license allows you to remove credit link.
If you want to have booth licenses then it cost is sum of those two.

Microsoft Translation API is already supported in vBET 4.x (will be soon in vBET3.x) so you have it working on your forum just after installing vBET4.x
Microsoft Translation API supports 35 languages right now - for more info please go to Microsoft pages.

20-09-11, 15:03
I noticed that Microsoft Translation is going to a paid service also on thew API. Users are only allowed a certain amount of translated pages for free. What happens when that max is reached. Does VBet simply stop translating or ????

21-09-11, 14:38
We have to check in details information about paid Microsoft Translation API, when it starts, limits and so on.

Basically - vBET ask external API for translation. So you must be available to get translation from this API. If the API will give you no response, then you will have no translation - just empty text in such places. So vBET yes basically when external API refuses to give you translation vBET will not provide it to your forum. Please note that at this moment vBET4.x supports 3 translation API:
- Google Translation API v1
- Google Translation API v2
- Microsoft Translation API

So you can choose which one you want to use. And you can use paid one also - vBET configuration allows to set required key for Google Translation API v2.

Please note that we can easily add more translation API to vBET. So if you know some other translation API (free or not) - please give us information and if its Terms of Service allows for that (we do only legal stuff) then we will add in vBET support for such API :)

24-09-11, 05:27
Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I read (http://code.google.com/apis/language/translate/v2/pricing.html) the Google API v2 will charge $20/1million characters translated. So that would mean if a typical webpage had 80chars/line, for 66 lines/page, it would be 5,280 characters. 1,000,000/5,280=189pages of translated text for $20.(~10cents/page) OUTRAGEOUS, especially if you have hundreds of spiders crawling your website requesting translations.

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