View Full Version : Solved Cpu problem and slower forums,less income

19-12-09, 09:03
I bought this mod with license and expecting that my adsense income will be better.
But for the last 10 days my sites are so slow that my adsense incomes become half..
Every day i got 10 dolar less income.So i lost at least 100 dollars.
For smaller forums this mod would be good.But if you got a 5 years old big forums then it eats your cpu.
My server is not a bad server.It has 4 gb rams.Although it is very powerful i got this problem.:(

20-12-09, 00:37
Please made configuration optimizations. If you have lot of content then it have to be translated, and lot of new links produces lot of new traffic. Also please note that page is generated much faster after translation is cached. So first translation will be slower, because Google have to give us translated texts. vBET is successfully used by really big forums.

I will write article about vBET configurations which can help you made translations less costly (I will add link in new response here). Also please note that 3.3.0 will have lot of additional optimizations which will made it even more faster and lest resources costly (especially for cache and redirects).

20-12-09, 01:31
Here you have FAQ about performance. Please fallow those instructions (especially about providing less translations at the beginning and blocking robots for not relevant translated pages):

Also please look here to believe that buying vBET was really good decision, even if you didn't know how to set it at the beggining:

We hope that instructions will help and one more time - 3.3.0 will have many additional performance improvements with new cache system (separate tables for each translation will made indexes smaller and faster + we consider supporting 2nd level cache) and improved redirections (gently killing future page generation if redirect already occurs - this will safe your CPU for going to new posts in translated pages and changing translation on thread pages).

Please stay with us - we will do our best to fit vBET to your needs :)

22-12-09, 16:43
I would recommend you only enable the top 10 internet languages at the most. Top Ten Internet Languages - World Internet Statistics (http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats7.htm)

You may want to take a look at optimizing your server. I found vb Optimise was also a big help. vB Optimise 1.3.2 - vBulletin.org Forum (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=199207)

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