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19-12-09, 08:13

20-12-09, 00:16
RSS translation is supported. We are not able to reproduce issue on our forum - please give us link to RSS feed which you are describing.

Also please explain what do you mean by "title template" and "body template"? What type of RSS are you describing?

20-12-09, 18:27
I am talking about the left side menu in admincp: "RSS Feeds" --> "Add New RSS Feed" where you can import freeds from external sources and have the feeds automatically posted as threads on your forum.

Try and add a feed from any source and you will see language tags are missing in the resulting threads (Lets say the feed is in english and your forum is in poslish, then the post needs tags corrosponding to language setting of the user (english) the robot is using to posting the feed).

17-01-10, 15:39
So you want to translate ad hoc external RSS channel?

You cannot use lang BBcodes this way. It is not supported (move this thread to feature requests).

If you import some other content just import it in same language as your forum is. So simply this will be translated with rest of the page - when someone translate your page he will also translate content of RSS channel which you included.

Is it what you mean?

17-01-10, 15:43
Well the problem is that if the rss feed is in english - it will show in english in source urls. But its correct it will be translated for other language urls.

17-01-10, 16:25
Do not understand. How you can see it on source pages? If page is in English then it should be OK to see it in English.

Can you give example of what you mean/need/want? :)

17-01-10, 16:39

17-01-10, 17:00
My forum is danish.

So when the rss bot posts it posts like a user with language option set = danish but posting in english.

So what happens?

Well all languages are translated just fine .... except danish ... there is no danish translation to be found anywhere ... there is english where there should be danish.

Solution: If only the rss bot posted like a user with language option set to english then everything would be fine. But rss-bot ignores language setting for rss-bot-user and acts like its set to danish always.

17-01-10, 19:49
I do understand now. Maybe in the future we will also support translation of external content. At this moment solution for you is to include RSS channels in Danish. I understand that it can be hard to find those. At this moment we have lot of plans with vB4.0 so it have to wait.

With low priority, but accepted :)

23-01-10, 05:19
vB4.0 is the priority of course. However, as you keep a tally of votes, please consider this another vote from another user saying that support for translation of external content would be helpful.

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