View Full Version : Forum on new server

17-12-09, 22:02

We just moved forum to new server :)

If you find out that there are some issues with uploading attachments or something like that - please let us know, we will correct it fast :)

19-12-09, 18:47
It is much faster vbet!

20-12-09, 02:29
Yes :) And still - sorry for last troubles. It really wasn't smart to put 4 forums on one shared account ;) Especially when vBET forum grows in this speed.

Right now vBET forum is exclusively on our VPS server and we are able to add new resources in matter of seconds if it will be needed :)

Also I already saw that moving forum had some issues (old attachments disappear, since paths was changed). If it will be necessary we will correct those, but at this moment we have lot of work on 3.3.0 and attachments was in solved/closed issues.

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