View Full Version : Solved Canonical URL's and VbET

16-12-09, 05:52
i notice that when we use vbseo with connical option on
the translated page will make it self as connical url if the origin and this will affect the appearnce in the result of google search

you can chick on your site by using firefox

i hope this will be fixed in the new version

16-12-09, 06:05
i disable connical option in the vbseo until it will be fixed in vbet

20-12-09, 00:09
I do not exactly understand description of behavior, but I do understand that it is something with vBSEO configuration for canonical URL. We will check it and if necessary ask for more details. Also please note that we do not promise to support all possible configurations of vBSEO. If some are against translated URL's then we will not be able to support it.

20-12-09, 19:37
I can see http://www.vbenterprisetranslator.com is using cannonical in source. You can see vbenterprisetranslator.comĀ“s cannonical URL is the same for all translations of this page even if urls are different.

22-12-09, 00:32
Please include the source part which you are writing about :)

22-12-09, 00:34
Just search for:

<link rel="canonical" href=

Its around 5'th line

22-12-09, 01:35
Great thanks :) We will handle this :)

09-01-10, 23:35
Done - will be included in 3.3.0 :)

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